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If you are a UNO student, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at the University of New Orleans is here to serve you, connect you with some awesome people, and give you a safe place to grow in and explore your faith.  We are serious about building relationships, having fun, and moving into a deeper relationship with Christ. You are invited to be yourself, and be with us, as we do life together.

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Christine and Hilton "Bubba" Johns are Nationally Appointed U.S. Missionaries and the campus Directors for Chi Alpha at the University of New Orleans. Christine is from Clovis, NM, but graduated from LSU where she became a student leader in Chi Alpha. She has been the campus pastor at UNO since 2010. Bubba is from Callahan, Florida and graduated from Nicholls State University. He joined Christine in 2015 after they got married to work together to reach students with the Gospel at UNO. They are both Ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God.


Christine enjoys hiking, camping, horseback riding, anything adventurous in the outdoors, writing, singing, being creative, asking questions that make people think, relaxing in hammocks, road trips, speaking Spanish, drinking coffee, and traveling to other countries. Bubba enjoys throwing knives and tomahawks, shooting bow and arrows, working with leather,  good coffee, and traveling. He also dreams of one day building a castle. They both love raising their children, Evelyn and Timothy, who both enjoy long naps, laughing, and sitting in their parents laps.


If you are interested in supporting the missionary work they do at UNO, follow this link to join their support team.


Christine Bourgeois

Christine Bourgeois, or Steen as most people know her, is beginning her second year of full time ministry as a CMiT (Christian Missionary in Training) for Chi Alpha at the University of New Orleans. Christine is from Lafitte, La. and a graduate from UNO, where she served as a student leader.


Steen enjoys running, working out, most sports/athletic anything, painting, reading, getting to know people, card games, drawing, skating, walks by the lake, and observing nature (though terrified of every bug that gets near her.) She really loves her job, being with people, and can’t wait to meet you!

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